Travel agency joins travel agency lobbying group

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Travel agency Lubbock is joining a lobbying group focused on consumer protection and consumer protection reform, according to a new report from the Sunlight Foundation.

Travel Agency of Lubbocks founding board members are also on the board of the American Chamber of Commerce, according the Sunlit Foundation.

Lubbock was among at least six cities that participated in a study in January that showed consumer dissatisfaction with the state of the travel industry.

Lennox Williams, vice president of advocacy at the Sun Lit Foundation, said the group has been involved in lobbying on consumer protections and consumer issues in the past.

The Lubbos travel agency has partnered with a number of travel companies, including the American Association of Travel Agents, the Lubbaco Chamber of Tourism, the American Federation of Travel Officials, and Travelers Alliance, Williams said.

Lubboco Chamber of Travel Executive Director Brian Tarr says Lubbocans travel to more destinations than any other city in the country.