A’s travel agent brochure to be published

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A’s traveling agent brochures to be released today include details on the company’s upcoming new retail store and an expansion to its online store.

The new retail location will be in the Oakland neighborhood near its home base of San Francisco, with the expansion to be in New York City’s Midtown area.

In a press release announcing the expansion, the company said it will create 5,000 new jobs in New Jersey and 1,000 in New England.

The company also announced plans to expand the company offices in New Orleans, and the expansion of its mobile team will involve about 600 workers, it said.

The company is also adding another 350 jobs to its headquarters in San Francisco.

“A’s fans and customers are among the most loyal in the world, and our team has a passion for helping them connect with the team that brings the A’s to life every day,” A’s president and CEO Kenney said in the release.

A’s travel director Dan McDaniel said the company is excited to open its first retail location in San Jose, California, and will also begin work on a new online store that will include a range of products from the A on-field apparel to accessories, apparel, accessories, shoes and more.

McDaniel said in an interview that the team was also working on an expansion of A’s mobile team.

The new team will include about 700 people and be based in New Zealand.

A’s baseball team also is expanding.

The A’s announced Tuesday that it plans to open a new practice facility in the Santa Clara, California area in 2018.

The team is scheduled to open an outdoor practice facility on Sept. 4.

Last year, A’s baseball player and manager Brad Ausmus said the team would invest $100 million in the expansion.

As part of the plan, the team is also expanding its team clubhouse and expanding its facilities to support a new hotel, according to a news release.