How much do you spend on travel?

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A lot, but not enough to justify paying $600 a day for a hotel room in one of the nation’s most expensive cities.

We looked at the cost of hotels across the country.

The cost of a single room at the Sheraton Chicago in Chicago, the country’s priciest hotel, was $939.

The price of a room at Hotel Indigo in Atlanta, the priciest in the country, was just $542.

That’s a pretty big difference.

What’s the point?

According to research by, a travel agency, travelers in cities with the most expensive hotels spend the most.

The top five most expensive U.S. cities for the average hotel stay were Chicago, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Washington, D.C. and New York.

Chicago was the top destination with an average of $532, while Atlanta had an average price of $536.

Atlanta ranked No. 4 with an Average Price of $621.

Los Angeles came in at No. 5 with an Avg Price of just $533.

What makes the difference?

The most expensive hotel rooms in Chicago have a minimum room rate of $2,700, and many of those rooms are reserved for single people or families, so they’re not necessarily priced at a premium.

They’re not usually priced to the highest of prices.

If you’re in one room with a group of people, you may have to pay more for a room if you’re a single person, so it’s not that much of a difference.

If the cost is too high, you can ask to cancel your reservation.

In addition, the price of the hotel room could be higher than what you’d pay at the regular hotel, so you might have to look elsewhere.

Travel agents say there are many reasons for that, but it’s worth considering if you need to get to a certain place or if you want to have a different room than what’s listed on the hotel website.

Some of the reasons for the difference between the most and least expensive hotels in the U.K. are: 1.

The average hotel in London has a room rate below $500.

This includes the two most expensive rooms listed on

It’s more expensive to book a room in the most popular hotel on the site, the Palace of Westminster.

There are three rooms listed as being in the Palace, but you can book one room for the price you’d normally pay for a regular room.


You can book rooms for an extra fee, which can vary depending on your needs and availability.

For example, if you have a group or stay for more than a couple of nights, you could save a few dollars by booking a room with the standard price.


Rooms with a minimum reservation price are not necessarily reserved for a specific event.

This means that you could have a room reserved for an event but then need to cancel or pay extra money for the room, depending on how many people you have and how many other people you plan to have.


A room with an in-room WiFi can be used for up to 10 nights at a time.


You may be able to reserve rooms through third-party companies, such as Airbnb, which lets you reserve a room for up 30 days before you need it.

Airbnb has a list of hotels that they consider to be the most convenient, but there are some caveats: Many are not in-house owned, and you may not be able take advantage of the free WiFi and/or Wi-Fi-enabled phones available on the property.

Many are in a different city, and the hotel may not have WiFi on the ground floor.

The company says that you should contact the hotel if you’ve had a problem with the hotel or the location.

The number of available rooms is based on an industry study, and it’s possible that some of the hotels have rooms that are not available at the time you request a room.