The most ridiculous travel stories from the past week

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Travelers should check out some of the most absurd travel stories in the past month.

Here’s the list: 1.

A man claims he was attacked by a dog while traveling in Indonesia.

He says he was walking his dog in the woods when the dog bit him on the head.

“The dog started to chase me,” the man said in a video posted on YouTube.

“I started running.

I saw the dog in my headlights and it came back and bit me.”

The dog was reportedly a husky.


A woman was on vacation in South Africa and was attacked while riding a bicycle.

A video posted to YouTube showed a woman lying on the ground in the middle of the road.

“My legs are twisted up, my arms are twisted down,” the woman said.

“And I don’t even know how to breathe.”

The woman was apparently trying to cross the road, but the dog allegedly jumped her.


A passenger on a plane is arrested for allegedly trying to grab the neck of a passenger and rip his shirt.

A Florida man was on a flight from Miami to Chicago when he allegedly grabbed the neck and pulled it down, causing the passenger to fall to the ground.


A couple in Italy went on a holiday in the Mediterranean.

When they were ready to leave the island of Lampedusa, they discovered the beach littered with dead and dying sea otters.

One woman said she was “so shocked, and so sad.”


A young boy who was reportedly attacked while on a school trip was rescued by his grandparents.

He was later flown back to his home country of Indonesia after authorities were alerted.


An elderly man was rescued from a trash dump in Thailand and told he would be reunited with his family in the U.S. in less than a month.

The man told his parents he was going to return to the U, but was then found dead by his family, who were concerned about his health.

The parents say the elderly man’s condition worsened.


A father and son were stranded on an island in the Philippines after their boat capsized.

The men’s boat capsizes while they are fishing.

The father jumps in to save his son.


A British couple was on holiday in Germany and ended up getting arrested when they tried to enter a nightclub.

The couple was allegedly assaulted by several men.


A family was attacked at a bus stop in Brazil when one of the children started to scream and the driver got angry and yelled, “You want to get your kid kicked out of school?

Get out of here.”

The boy and his family were arrested.


A mom from the Philippines was kidnapped by a group of men who said they were from the Islamic State.

She told them she was a teacher and wanted to see her kids.

The women told police that when they arrived at the school, they found the school locked down and the men had been released.


A hotel clerk in China was assaulted by three men who claimed to be from a “terrorist group.”

He says the men threatened to kill him and his wife and stole his cellphone.


A pregnant woman was allegedly sexually assaulted by a taxi driver while he was picking up a package at a mall.

The woman said the driver was “really strong” and the woman was “in shock.”


A police officer in Japan was attacked in front of his house while on duty.

The officer was reportedly walking his dogs in the streets when he was hit by a car and injured.


A retired firefighter was attacked and had his arm and leg amputated after he was accidentally run over by a tractor-trailer while cleaning a truck.

The accident left the firefighter with permanent leg and arm damage.


A group of teenagers in Germany went to a party where they saw a naked man on a balcony and started filming him.

The police called in the SWAT team to find out who was behind the video.

The suspects allegedly stole the camera and took it to a nearby police station where they allegedly told the officers that they had filmed the man in the nude.


A former high school basketball coach was arrested after being caught trying to lure teenage girls into an elevator.

The coach allegedly tried to lure young girls into the elevator by promising them a ride home in return for sex.


A student in China went to see a Chinese doctor and got attacked.

The doctor allegedly grabbed a knife and slashed the student’s arm, saying, “I’ll kill you.”

The attack left the victim with a broken wrist.


A restaurant worker in Indonesia was accused of beating a customer in front a restaurant.

The employee claimed he was not in control of his actions when he hit the customer and punched him in the face.

The customer was reportedly able to run away.


A truck driver who was working on a trip to the Dominican Republic was allegedly caught with drugs and cocaine on board.

The driver reportedly got into a fight with the driver and was then arrested. 20