‘It’s just not right’: Woman who was assaulted at Dallas airport says she was sexually assaulted by two TSA agents

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HALLMARK, Texas — A woman who was sexually attacked at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport has said she was assaulted by a TSA agent who told her to “go back to Africa.”

In a statement released Monday, Shannon McCarty, 28, said she asked for help when she was approached by an agent who asked if she was pregnant.

“The agent then proceeded to fondle me and make a sexually explicit comment about my pregnancy,” McCarty said in the statement.

“I was visibly upset by this behavior and attempted to leave the airport, but TSA agents grabbed me, pushed me and then began sexually assaulting me.

I was unable to get out of the airport and was left with my belongings in the secure area, unable to leave without an escort.

I have since filed a complaint with the FBI.”

A TSA spokesman said McCarty was not allowed to leave her baggage.

According to McCarty’s statement, she was able to call an FBI agent at her home in Houston, and she filed a report with the local FBI office.

“The agents have been referred to the local sheriff’s office for further investigation,” the statement read.

The FBI is investigating the incident.

McCarty has not been charged with a crime.

She said she believes the agents did not want to get in trouble with the law for what happened.

“They told me to go back to the continent, which was an African country,” McCarty said.

She added that her attorney, James H. O’Connor, told her that TSA agents have a policy against groping people at airports.

“I believe the agents thought I was trying to get rid of my passport, and that they had an issue with my pregnancy, so they wanted to go after me,” McCarter said.

“They asked me to leave my bag and put my belongings away, and they put me on a plane to Africa, and it was only then that I realized they had sexually assaulted me.”

“I have a daughter and a wife who are expecting their first child, and I’m very frustrated that they didn’t catch the incident earlier,” McCarthys attorney told ABC News.

TSA spokesman Jim McClelland said he could not comment on the investigation, and referred ABC News to a statement from the FBI.

McClarty said she has received support from her family and friends, and her attorney told her she was not the first victim of the sexual assault at the airport.

ABC News’ Ryan Gage contributed to this report.