When you can’t take a selfie on the train: Train driver says he can’t afford to take one with a child

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Train drivers are facing the prospect of not being able to take selfies with passengers when the train is in service.

The Federal Government has proposed a rule change to ensure drivers are paid to take photographs of passengers, but many rail operators are opposed to the proposal.

The proposal was brought in to help ease overcrowding, but it has angered passengers and freight companies, who argue it will create too much bureaucracy.

Transport Minister Scott Emerson said the Government would continue to work with operators to address their concerns.

“There are a lot of factors that come into play when it comes to passenger comfort, including the need to provide adequate lighting and the need for adequate ventilation,” he said.

“In terms of lighting, it’s not the best light and there is no guarantee that train operators will actually use the correct lighting, but the Government will work with rail operators to ensure that the trains are properly lit.”

In response to a media query, Transport Minister David Johnston said the proposed rule change was a matter for the Government.

“The rule change is a matter that will be worked out between the Rail and Maritime Union and the Government,” he told reporters.

“We’re not going to interfere in a rail operator’s business, so I’m not going, you know, to make it easier for them to operate their trains.”

Mr Emerson said train operators had to comply with “reasonable light requirements” and train lighting was the responsibility of the train driver.

Mr Emerson told the ABC he did not think the rule change would be enforced on trains, but said if it was, operators would have to follow the guidance from the National Rail Safety Authority.

He said the government would also seek to negotiate with freight companies.

“If the freight company is unwilling to work together with the rail operator and to work out a reasonable agreement, then we’ll be looking at other options for how we can get those trains running,” he explained.

Train drivers will have to pay for a photo of passengers as part of their contract, and passengers will have a right to take a photo with them on the platform.

Photo: ABC News Rail services will be affected by the rule Change to the rules is due to be announced in the Federal Budget on October 15, but Mr Emerson has said he would not make any changes until after that.

He said he was aware of concerns from some passengers and had met with freight industry representatives to discuss how to work through those issues.

“I am sure that freight interests will be keen to work collaboratively to see that this change is made as soon as possible,” he confirmed.

“It’s a matter of the Government having to make the decision and the freight interests having to come to an agreement with the Government and the Federal Government.”