How Kiwis travel abroad: What you need to know about kiwis

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Kiwis have a long and varied history of travelling around the world, and in some cases it’s a well-documented fact that Kiwis are some of the most successful expats around the globe.

But what exactly is a Kiwi expat?

And what is the history of Kiwis travelling around?

We spoke to a variety of expat-focused journalists to get to the bottom of this question.

For starters, what is a kiwiwi expatriate?

A kiwiscape is a temporary residence, such as a hotel or an office, where Kiwis can work, live, study or simply relax.

In the UK, a kawaii (pronounced kaw-ee-see) is a type of accommodation, where travellers have a temporary address for their permanent stays, typically in the UK or the US.

The kawiacape is typically rented for short periods of time, or, in the case of a property, can be rented for longer periods.

In Australia, the kiwicare is a kind of temporary accommodation where Kiwi residents stay temporarily in a country they call home, such to New Zealand or the USA.

Kiwis may also have a permanent residence in another country.

In New Zealand, the term kiwische is used to describe any permanent residence, regardless of its duration.

This can include a temporary visa or even permanent residence permits.

In Canada, the definition of kiwichie (pronounces kweh-chee) is used when referring to Kiwis in Canada who have temporary residency in the country.

They may be granted permanent residency upon their departure, but this is not always the case.

Some Canadians, such at the Canadian Museum of Civilization, have permanent residency, but it may be restricted in certain areas such as health, education or culture.

In Australia, kiwican is a term used to refer to Kiwi citizens of the Australian Capital Territory who have permanent residence.

As for Kiwis abroad, they are generally referred to as expats.

As with Kiwis overseas, expats have many legal rights and are generally treated fairly and respectfully.

For example, expat Australians can receive a visa to visit family and friends in other countries, as long as they are not allowed to work or take advantage of any visa-free opportunities.

A few Kiwi-related issues are notable.

For instance, the government of New Zealand has made the practice of sending Kiwi passports back to Australia a criminal offence.

As of 2018, Kiwis with NZ passports are now subject to an additional five years imprisonment for sending them back.

In contrast, Kiwi tourists who stay in New Zealand are exempt from all visa requirements and restrictions and are not subject to prosecution, and are allowed to stay for up to 10 years in any country.

The fact that some Kiwi countries are far less welcoming than other places may be a sign of things to come.

For many Kiwis, New Zealand may seem like a safe haven in the world.

But, for some Kiwis who are already here, it’s not.Read more: