Queensland travel agency: We have to get back to our roots

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Queensland’s tourism agency has announced it will not operate any longer in the state because it has not been given sufficient money from the Queensland Government to survive.

Key points:The Queensland Tourism Industry Association (QTIA) has not received sufficient funding from the Government to continue operatingThe QTIA has been forced to consider its future after two major Queensland Government decisions, including its decision to close its Brisbane officeThe Queensland Government said it will review its funding arrangements with the QTIAs.

In a statement, QTIThe Queensland Tourist Agency (QTA) said it would not operate in the State, saying it was faced with a $5.5 million shortfall.

“It is no secret that our current business model has not worked for many years and we have to change that,” the statement said.

“The QTA is a small, independent and dedicated business.

We want to keep operating our business in Queensland and in fact, we want to open our doors to the wider community.”

It said it had been forced into a “cost cutting” and “recovery” approach.

“We have been forced in a cost cutting and recovery approach and we do not want to go into any further hardship,” the QTA said.

It said the Queensland Tourism Investment Fund (QTTIF) had not provided enough funds to cover operating costs.

The QTTIF is a State Government-backed agency.”QTTIAs role is to help promote Queensland’s business sector, to connect people to our great tourism destinations and to help support the local economy,” it said.

The Queensland Travel Industry Association said it was “saddened” to see its Queensland branch closed, and it was looking for a new home.

“Our current business is a good one, and we are trying to maintain it but we need a new venture, and that’s what we’re looking at,” the Queensland Travel Association’s Queensland secretary, Paul Kennedy, said.

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