How to get around in ‘hot and humid’ Australia: The guide

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A guide to Australia’s heatwave in 2018 article How to survive the heat in the country’s hot, humid climate guide to the Australian Capital Territory and New South Wales, the guide from Travel Australia says.

The guide, entitled The Hot and Humid Australian Capital, includes maps of towns and cities in the state and includes advice on travel to other states.

Read moreThe guide is a “very detailed guide” to the country, which covers a range of topics including travel, the environment, local culture and weather.

“The guide also includes maps, travel advice and local information about the different types of places you can visit,” Travel Australia said.

It includes travel tips, such as staying hydrated and avoiding exposure to the elements.

It also includes information about Australian culture, including the many indigenous traditions that are unique to the region.

It’s not the first time Travel Australia has written a guide to travel in Australia.

In 2015, the company published a guide for travellers to Australia that was inspired by the country.

Travel Australia said in 2017 that it had created a new “hot and hot” section in its 2018 calendar, in an effort to encourage people to spend more time in Australia than their typical holidays.

It has been published in more than 100 languages around the world.