Airline industry groups urge lawmakers to stop Senate filibuster

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Fursan Travel, the airline industry group that helped pass the Affordable Care Act, called Thursday for lawmakers to end filibusters on legislation to end the government shutdown.

The bill, the Ensuring Patient Access, Affordable Care and Effective Care Act (EPUCA), has been stalled for weeks.

The legislation would reopen the government on Dec. 15.

The bill has been criticized by Republicans and Democrats alike for its lack of any funding for key components of the law, including health care and other crucial services.

The Senate is currently in a recess after spending the holiday weekend in an effort to avoid a government shutdown, but it was unclear if that would affect the bill’s prospects.

Fursan has lobbied the government to reopen the federal government, saying the law is critical to maintaining access to health care for Americans.

“This is not the time for Congress to shut down the federal Government,” Fursans president and CEO Chris Smith said in a statement Thursday.

“Our government is in danger of shutting down again, this time to appease our friends in the White House and their political cronies.

Fursancapital is deeply disappointed in the Senate’s inaction on Ensuring Medicare for All.”

The Senate has been in the minority for the past several weeks, and it is not clear if the shutdown will affect the vote on the bill, which is scheduled for a vote Dec. 11.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) said Thursday that the Senate will move forward with the legislation and that he will seek a vote on it in the coming days.

The White House said Thursday it was “proud” of the Senate for passing the Ensurance Medicare for Now Act, but that Republicans would continue to push for changes to the law.

“President Trump is working with his allies in the House of Representatives and Senate to enact this historic Medicare for all legislation,” White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders said.

“We will continue to work closely with Senate Republicans and House Democrats to ensure that the Medicare for Americans Act is enacted.”