‘I was in shock’: Woman in Oregon tells of ‘horror’ at ‘abhorrent’ airport security

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A woman in Oregon who has suffered from depression, anxiety and PTSD for years has told of her “horror” at the airport security system.

Abbie DeSouza, 25, who lives in Portland, was travelling from Canada to Florida on September 14 when she was detained for nearly an hour at the Portland International Airport.

She said she was denied boarding by a TSA agent who said she didn’t have a valid ID, and was later told that her ID had expired.

DeSouya told Al Jazeera that when she got to the gate she saw two men and a woman standing behind her, “staring at me with guns pointing at my face”.

She said the man “was screaming” and “had the gun pointing at me, but I didn’t hear him.”

She was told by a third TSA agent that her passport was “not valid”.

The woman who initially approached DeSomazie at the gate was then escorted by a security officer to a waiting car, where she was placed in a metal box.

De Souza said she felt “really scared”, and that “people were trying to take my stuff, and they were taking my ID, my laptop, my stuff”.

She was then taken to the terminal and told that she had to get off the plane.

She said she had no choice but to leave the plane and the security officer asked for her passport.

“I had no idea what was going on,” she said.

She was later taken to a nearby police station, where police told her she was being arrested for resisting arrest.

De Souya was charged with disorderly conduct.

A TSA spokesperson told Alisyn Camerota that the agency is aware of the situation and is looking into the matter.”TSA does not condone the use of force by TSA agents to apprehend people for engaging in prohibited conduct at the checkpoint, especially in public,” the spokesperson said.

“In response to this situation, TSA is investigating and will take appropriate action if necessary.”‘

This is how they treat people like criminals’The spokeswoman also said that TSA officers have a duty to protect the public, and are trained in de-escalation.

“These individuals, these individuals, are part of the agency and part of our team and we are trained to de-conflict them,” the TSA spokesperson said, adding that there was no reason to believe DeSousa had done anything to threaten or threaten TSA security.

De Souza said that she was eventually escorted to a TSA police station and that an officer told her that she would not be charged with a crime.

She told Aljazeera that she is considering taking her case to the US Department of Justice, which is investigating.

“This is the way they treat me,” she told Camerota.

“I am just so angry and I am scared to go home, to go to my house and not be able to sleep at night.”

People in my situation have never had that kind of experience.

“They are not going to change.””

TSA is not a joke,” she added.

“They are not going to change.”