How to get your travel insurance paid in Kazakhstan

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A travel agency in Kazakhstan says it will be able to make money if people are insured when they fly to the country.

The company, Korolektolaz, has said it has been able to secure funding from a Russian bank, as well as US bank, and US travel insurance provider, B&T, in the last three years.

Korolektal, which advertises flights to and from Kazakhstan, said it received US$30 million (£18 million) from US banks and US insurance provider B&t in 2018.

The travel agency said it would pay US$5,000 a month for its customers to cover their travel, plus the cost of air fare.

In a statement on Monday, the travel agency’s head of operations, Olga Povtseyeva, said the funding would allow it to keep its business running.

“We have secured funding from US banking and insurance companies, and we are working on our business plan to increase our revenue,” she said.

“It will allow us to make profits, as we have done so in the past.”

Koralektolazi is the first travel agency to announce its plans in the US.