Ketch travel agency to reopen after new owner’s death

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Ketch Travel Agency has reopened after being shut down by the Salt Lake City Department of Health for violating the state’s quarantine law, the agency’s new owner said.

The new owner of Ketch is James Ketch, owner of the local travel agency Ketch Adventures, the new owner told FOX Sports.

He said he has had conversations with the Salt City City Health Department and that they have taken action to ensure the safety of our staff.

The Salt Lake County Health Department was notified of the new health code violation Wednesday, Ketch said in a statement.

The department is currently conducting a review and will make the determination as to whether to open a new business.

The department’s health division, Salt Lake Health Division, said in an email that the department will continue to monitor Ketch and its employees for potential violations of the state health code.

In a statement, Kettow Travel told FOX News that it has no comment at this time.

Ketch Travel was the subject of a health code enforcement action in 2015 after the agency was cited for using expired, expired or expired prescription medications in at least four instances, according to a news release.

Kettow has not had any contact with the department, Ketzow said in the statement.

He added that Ketch will continue its mission of providing safe travel for all Utahns.

A spokesperson for Salt Lake city said Thursday that the city is “aware of the health code violations and will continue taking necessary steps to ensure compliance.”