Amity Travel Agency and Houston-based travel agency have canceled their business relationship

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The Houston- based travel agency known as Amity has announced that it will cease operations after having previously confirmed its plans to pull out of Houston.

Amity is the third company to be forced to pull its business from the city, joining the likes of Kayak and Expedia.

The Houston Chronicle reported that the Houston-area company had been receiving “several inquiries from people in Houston” who were “unable to get through to the company to make reservations.”

The company had already informed its Houston-listed employees that it would not be accepting reservations for its new, expanded Houston location.

“We are sorry for the inconvenience this has caused,” the company said in a statement.

The Houston Chronicle wrote that it “is not the first time the travel agency has been forced to cancel its Houston operations.”

According to the Chronicle, the travel company had previously been considering a move to Seattle, California, but the city was already experiencing a “tremendous influx” of tourists, and “the demand for local accommodations was so high that we could not accommodate.”

The Chronicle reported in January that Amity had received “severial inquiries” from Houstoners who were unable to make it to the new Houston location for their hotel stays.

A company representative confirmed that it had been working with “some of our Houston-affiliated partners” to get more Houston hotel reservations, but said that those people “may have difficulty getting through to Amity and booking rooms.”

The Houston travel company was the third in less than two weeks to announce its decision to withdraw from Houston.

A representative for Kayak, which had previously announced that its Houston office would be closed, said in February that it was “suspending operations in Houston for at least one week” because of “the ongoing threat from terrorism.”