Travel agency chiles restaurant,hotels in Chile

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Travel agency Chiles is offering to let tourists visit its restaurants in Chile, and offer to pay for their hotel rooms.

The tourist agency in Santiago, Chile, said it will offer to help tourists book a hotel room and pay for its meals.

Chilean tourism is a big business, with tourists spending more than $1.7 billion on accommodations in 2016.

Tourism contributes more than 12% of Chile’s gross domestic product.

The restaurant, restaurant and hotel operators are not obligated to serve tourists.

But they are obligated to provide information about their services, including their hours, price and rates, said Daniela Díaz, the director of the travel agency’s Chilean branch.

Chiles Tourism, the tourism arm of the Chilean government, said the information about the hotels and restaurants would be available through the website

The information would also be available on the official website and through social media, it said.

Tourists could register on the website, but they would have to provide their personal information.

Chili is an island country in the Caribbean Sea and is a major tourist destination for people from around the world.

It’s also a country that is home to many Latin American and Caribbean countries, including Costa Rica, Nicaragua, El Salvador and Guatemala.

Travel agencies are required to report any foreign tourists who use the service.