When you’re on the road, get ready to book your next vacation with travel agencies and vacation rental sites: A list of what you need to know

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Travel agents and travel rental sites are coming under fire over how they charge travelers for their services.

The travel industry is struggling to recover from the fallout from the financial crisis.

With some companies struggling to make money and others having to shutter their sites, many have struggled to find a new way to charge travelers.

That’s caused a lot of confusion.

The new reality is that some travel agents are now charging travelers for everything from hotel stays to airport rides.

Travel rental sites also have a different set of rules, and some have begun charging tourists more for those services.

That has created a lot more confusion.

Here’s what you should know about the fees that travel agents charge, what they’re allowed to charge, and how to navigate them.

Some travel agencies charge tourists a fee for a single trip, while others charge fees for multiple trips.

Travel agencies typically charge for a hotel stay, while rental sites typically charge a separate fee for each hotel stay.

Travel agents are allowed to ask travelers to pay for a portion of the cost of a hotel room.

You don’t have to pay the full price.

The fees vary, depending on the number of people you’re booking.

Some hotels charge up to $500 for a room.

Other hotels charge anywhere from $50 to $150 per person for the same room.

Rental sites charge travelers the difference between the cost and the price of the hotel room you booked.

Some of these sites will even offer you a hotel discount if you buy a room for less than $100.

Travelers are also charged for transportation to and from the airport.

These sites are allowed, but only if they have a valid FAA flight plan.

Many travel agents will not have these flights.

If you don’t know what your flight plan covers, it’s best to ask your travel agent.

If you’re going to rent a car, you have to give the car a credit, and you must provide a proof of insurance.

There’s also a fee associated with the rental.

If your car is stolen or damaged, you’ll need to pay $50 for the vehicle.

The fee varies based on the size of the car.

Some travel agents may not require a car for rental.

Travel companies are allowed only to offer travel services at one time, which includes the duration of the stay.

Some companies also allow you to rent cars, but it’s not as common as rental services.

There are also restrictions on the amount of time you can use a car and on how long you can stay in a car.

Some airlines, such as Delta and American, will let you book a hotel for a week for a limited time, but they’re not allowed to let you stay in one room or have a car stay in your car.

You’ll also need to book a car rental service for the entire trip.

You can rent cars at airports and airports hotels, but there’s a limit to how many times you can take a rental car.

A rental car can’t be used for more than two trips at once.

If there are any cancellations or delays, the rental car must be removed from the terminal.

Some airports and hotels require proof of a pre-booked flight.

A pre-owned plane will only be allowed to leave one airport.

Many other airports allow pre-purchased planes to be used.

A person will need to provide proof of an airline flight plan and the person will also need a copy of their pre-paid flight.

Airports will also charge a fee to use the shuttle service.

The shuttle service is a great way to avoid paying your rental fee.

You will not be able to use a shuttle.

Some airports allow you a free shuttle ride, but other airports don’t allow free shuttle rides.

If a rental is too expensive, there are fees for things like hotels and other services.

These fees vary depending on how many people are booked for a particular rental.

There is a fee charged if a rental doesn’t provide a car or if a hotel isn’t booked on the date of your stay.

If a rental does provide a vehicle, a rental company will have to provide you with a receipt for the rental or provide a refund for the charge.

You may be able get a discount on some of the travel services if you get a refund.

This is called a “refundable fee.”

You can’t get a discounted rate if the travel is more than three days out.

You must pay the cost for the airfare.

Some airlines allow you, in writing, to ask them to cover a portion, but some airports do not.

Some travelers have reported having trouble getting a refund on the airfares.

The airlines are allowed a 30-day grace period to process refunds.

Some agencies will accept returns on all rental costs, while other airlines are only allowed to refund the rental fee for one-night