How to get from Australia to Tokyo in just six hours via Air France and Singapore flights

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Australia and Singapore are one of the cheapest, most comfortable destinations in the world, but that doesn’t mean it’s a short flight.

You’ll need to book a connecting flight to the two countries and get your passport stamped at the airport before you leave.

The best way to get there from Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane is to fly into Singapore or Melbourne and then fly to Singapore.

If you want to go from Sydney to Brisbane, you’ll need a connecting domestic flight to Melbourne and back.

Then you can travel from Sydney on your own and buy your tickets from Air France, Singapore or the Australian carrier Jetstar.

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If there’s a flight from Sydney or Melbourne to Brisbane you’re interested in, you should book it from Air New Zealand, but you’ll have to do a little bit of legwork to get that done.

There are four airlines in Singapore, Air New Zee and Jetstar that you can book directly through.

Air New Zealand offers direct flights to Auckland, Melbourne and Sydney and they have been the only domestic airline to successfully open an all-new service in the city, with more than 30,000 flights since opening its new airport in March 2016.

Jetstar offers direct international flights to destinations such as Hong Kong, Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide.

Jetstar also has a direct flight to Hong Kong and Singapore from Auckland, and its Singapore hub, Jetstar Asia, has more than 70 flights a day to the cities.

Air New Zees service is more limited, but it has a link to Singapore and Melbourne and offers flights to the United Arab Emirates and Singapore. 

Jetstar Asia offers direct domestic flights to Brisbane and Sydney, and a connection to Dubai, but also has flights to Singapore, Hong Kong.

Air Fiji has a connection with Sydney, but only to Melbourne.

Air Asia has direct flights from Perth to Sydney, Adelaide and Brisbane. 

AirAsia offers a direct connection to Kuala Lumpur and Singapore, and also offers a connection from Jakarta, Malaysia.

Air India also has direct connections to Kuala Kong and Jakarta.

Air Japan has a connecting connection from Tokyo to Hong Kong.

Air Singapore has direct international connections from Singapore to Singapore in China, and an option to fly to Japan from Tokyo.

Air France and Air New Zealand both have connections to Japan, but they do not offer a connection via Singapore.

AirAsia also has connections to Tokyo, and flights to Bangkok, Hong Keng, Shanghai, Bangkok, Singapore and Singapore also. 

This is the cheapest option, but Air NewZee does not have direct connections.

AirChina also has links to Singapore through Hong Kong but does not offer connections. 

Japan Airlines and Japanese Airlines operate direct flights between Tokyo and Hong Kong from Japan, Hong Kan, Macau, Taipei, Macao and Shenzhen. 

If you’re looking for flights to other Asian destinations, JetAir offers a connecting international flight to Singapore from Hong Kong or the Japanese capital. 

There are also a few connecting flights from New Zealand to Sydney.

Air China has connections from Hong Wan, Singapore, Shanghai and Tokyo, as well as connecting flights to Hong Kan and Hong Kien. 

These flights connect to Singapore via Hong Kong as well.

Air Indonesia has direct links from Singapore, New York, Tokyo, Hong Kyung, Kuala Lumpur, Seoul, Hong Tan and Bangkok. 

Singapore Airlines also has international connections to Hong Kwang, Beijing, Hong Li, Singapore.

There are no direct flights available between Singapore and HongKong. 

Australia’s main airline, AustraliaPost, has a range of connections between Sydney and Auckland, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney and Melbourne.

And you can get the most of this service if you book a domestic flight from Perth.

AustraliaPost also has an international connection to Melbourne from Sydney and Brisbane, which is only available by connecting flights.