How to save on airfare for Africa

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Travel agencies, hotels and airlines around the world are scrambling to get travelers to Africa for the World Tourism Organization’s World Tourism Expo in November.

The event is expected to draw hundreds of thousands of visitors to the continent for a number of special events.

However, many travelers are facing steep costs as they struggle to book travel deals and are unable to secure hotels or other travel packages on their own.

Here’s how to make travel more affordable for the African diaspora.

Africa Travel Agency, which manages the largest travel agency in Africa, says its office has seen a rise in international bookings.

The agency is asking African travelers to use their credit cards at least 30 days before departure, which is now an average of 3 weeks, according to a statement from the agency.

It’s also asking customers to use the same credit cards for both their domestic and international travel.

The African Travel Agency said it’s been receiving an average daily average of over 600 international calls to its office, and it’s currently working to expedite all calls to Africa, including those from countries that it has previously had issues with.

The travel agency says it has had a record number of international calls and emails to its offices this month, but the agency has also been receiving calls from some international airlines.

The airlines and hotel industry have been criticized for not taking steps to improve customer service.

Travelers who have been on hold for several days can use their hotel reservation vouchers to make purchases in Africa at the same time as they’re on the ground.

Travel agencies have also been asking customers in Africa to use credit cards when they’re in their homes.

Some travel agents have also begun charging for tickets, and some have begun giving out discounted hotel packages.

The International Association of Booking Agencies says some hotels have begun offering discounted rates.

The association also says some airlines are now accepting travelcards and other prepaid travel products, though the association warns that these products are not yet fully operational in Africa.

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