How to travel for the long haul: Korean travel agency KOSA

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Travel agency Kosea will be offering free flights to more than 30 destinations across Asia starting this week, including the United Kingdom, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan and Singapore.

Koseas flights to the United States, Canada, Mexico, Singapore, Malaysia, Singapore and the Philippines will all start from March 2, with the rest of the country in late April.

The free flights, which will be available for all Kosean customers, are also available in the Philippines and Thailand.

“We have partnered with a Korean travel agent for our first international flights, and we are excited to be bringing Koseans service to more destinations in Asia,” said the agency’s founder, Kim Yoo-jin.

“Our new partnership with Koseahive will make travel to the Philippines even easier and better for our customers.” 

The agency offers free flights in the US, Canada and Mexico to more of the world, including Japan, Australia, South Korea, Hong-Kong, China and Thailand, and to destinations in Singapore, Thailand, Japan, South Africa, the Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand and Australia.

Kosea has been offering free domestic and international flights since its launch in 2016.

KOSEA has also partnered with travel agents in Hong Kong and Taiwan, and has plans to expand to more countries in the future.

 The agency, which is based in Seoul, Korea, has been serving its passengers for more than a decade, and began its international service with a Singaporean travel agent in 2016 after it was able to reach out to other overseas travel agencies in Asia and the United Arab Emirates.

“The company has grown from a one-man operation to a global business with thousands of customers around the world,” said Mr. Kim.

“With our free travel and airfare, our customers can travel the world and enjoy the best in Koseam.”

Travel agents in Korea are also providing free trips to the U.S., Canada, Japan (with flights to Hong Kong to be added to the mix), the United states and the Uyghur region in the Middle East, including Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE, Oman and the Bahrain islands.

According to the agency, Koseaa is the only travel agency in Asia to offer free flights and hotels to the rest.

The agency also offers complimentary flights for a limited time to destinations such as Hong Kong for those who live in the city.

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