What’s in Astana’s new travel plans?

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Astana has released new travel itineraries for 2019, including one that suggests the airline will begin flying in April 2018, but it doesn’t say what time the trip will start.

The airline, which is in the midst of a restructuring, is reportedly in talks with airlines to begin flying to and from the U.S. mainland in 2018.

Astraa said the 2018 itinerary is designed to give the company the flexibility to adapt to changes in the travel market, which includes the emergence of cheaper airfare options for passengers on the mainland.

In 2018, the airline said it was moving its flagship Astana Jetstar to new terminals and to begin charging customers for connecting flights in 2019.

As the airline’s board of directors has made clear, the company will focus on building a profitable airline, with an emphasis on providing more choices for customers.