Travellers report feeling more unsafe as French tourist agencies struggle to compete

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A series of deadly attacks in France has made many travelers feel unsafe.

The incidents have caused many to avoid travel, while other countries in Europe are also feeling the effects of increased travel.

Alegria, a travel agency based in the French capital, Paris, says it has received nearly 300 calls and text messages from people about safety issues during the Paris attacks.

“We have received more than 100 calls from people who said that they had experienced a security breach at their business or their home or at their place of work,” said Adrien Gout, Alegria’s head of communications.

“They reported incidents like having their computers stolen or being threatened with a knife or a gun.”

The company says it is taking the security threat seriously.

“Alegrianas security team has been conducting surveillance of customers and their homes and offices, and has also been checking our online platform for potential security breaches,” a statement said.

“Our aim is to make sure our customers are safe, and our team is working tirelessly to protect their privacy.”

Gout said there were reports of a breach at Alegrianasa’s offices in the northern city of Bordeaux, where employees were told to shut their doors.

“That’s not a common thing for us to see,” he said.

In Bordeux, where the attack happened, officials were investigating the case of a woman who claimed to have been assaulted.

“I have no idea how she managed to get away,” said Gout.

“The police are still looking into this.

We will have to wait for a report from them.”

In the south-west of France, Morocco has reported a spate of security incidents.

On Wednesday, a bomb exploded outside a restaurant in the port city of Molenbeek, in the heart of the capital.

The blast was triggered by an unknown device and there were no reports of injuries.

A security source in Morocca said that authorities were trying to establish whether the device was a bomb or a knife.

“The device has been removed and we are looking into whether it was an explosive device or if it was a pipe bomb,” the source said.

French police have arrested seven people in connection with the attack.

A video posted on social media showed people fleeing the restaurant and firing on police.

The incident has led to heightened security measures in the region, including an overnight curfew that has been imposed.

In the past, Moroccans have often felt the effects from increased travel, but that has not happened in recent months.

According to the French government, travel to Moroccan regions has remained stable, with the number of people coming to the country from the North African countries of Algeria, Tunisia and Morocco rising.