Aussie travel agency to offer free hotel stays for people on disability

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Travellers travelling to Australia may be eligible for free accommodation from a company that is seeking to expand its reach beyond its usual base of customers in New Zealand.

The company, Travellers International, will offer accommodation to people on the disability support pension, which covers people on New Zealand’s Working Age Disability Pension (WAPD) who are eligible for an accommodation supplement to their pension.

It will also offer accommodation for people travelling to other countries.

“We are not a hotel, but we are trying to reach people who are travelling from New Zealand,” Travellers chairman Peter Nott said.

Travellers International has expanded its services to include accommodation for disability support workers in New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria.

But the company has also started offering accommodation for travellers who do not meet the pension eligibility criteria.

Mr Nott, who is also a New Zealand native, said the company would be providing accommodation for up to 50 people at any one time.

People travelling to New Zealand on a WAPD pension can use the company’s booking app to book accommodation, and then book online.

Some New Zealanders who do meet the criteria can also pay a small fee for accommodation to be provided.

Many New Zealand citizens who have a disability benefit can also receive accommodation from Travellers, which is why it is important to find accommodation that fits the needs of your situation.

You can find out more about Travellers’ New Zealand operations here.