Why you should buy a house in Miami

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By Jennifer McPhersonThe Florida Keys have some of the cheapest real estate prices in the country, according to real estate agents and property managers, and the price tags of some homes can go as high as $10 million.

The price tags on most homes in the city are more than double that of Miami-Dade County, according in-home inspections conducted by the Miami-based real estate company ACB Group.

The average price tag of a home in the Keys is about $3 million, according ACB, which also surveyed the most expensive homes in Palm Beach County.

Miami-Fort Lauderdale-Melbourne and the Palm Beach-Fort Myers area, however, were the most affordable homes in Florida.

The median price of a $200,000 home in those cities is about three times the $1.6 million average.

In Miami-Coral Gables, which has the most popular destination of the Keys, the median price is $3.3 million.

In Fort Lauderdale, it’s about $2.7 million.

And in Fort Myers, which is home to some of Florida’s priciest beaches, the average price is about five times the price of the most inexpensive homes in Miami-dade, according the ACB survey.

The cheapest homes in Coral Gables are about $1 million.

In Orlando, the price tag for a house is about one-fourth the average Miami-Miami-Duke, which averages about $8 million.

And in Fort Lauderdale it’s almost two-thirds the price.

The most expensive houses in Orlando are about six times the average.

The median price in Orlando is $5.6 per square foot, about $200 per square feet less than the median of $6.2 in Miami and about $250 per square in Fort Wayne.

The highest average price for homes in Orlando was $17.9 million, while the highest average cost in Miami was $27.8 million, the ACI Group said.

The most expensive real estate in Orlando and Fort Lauderdale was a $1 billion home in West Palm Beach.

The two cities have about one million people.

Miami-Cocoa Beach, home to the largest concentration of tourists in the United States, has the lowest median price at $1,077 per square-foot, about 50% less than Orlando and $1 less than Fort Lauderdale.

The lowest median value in Orlando, which includes Miami-Ft.

Lauderdale, was $2,739.

In Miami-Gulf Beach, the most affluent city in the state, the lowest value was $3,086.