A school bus driver in New York City was caught on video taking photos of students while they were riding on his bus

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A school driver in a New York city borough was caught taking photos while a student was riding on the back of his bus, The New York Post reported.

In the video posted on Instagram, the unnamed driver can be seen taking photos on the bus in the Bronx, New York.

According to the Post, the video shows the driver stopping the bus at a red light.

He then takes the student and his friends to a parking lot to give them a ride home.

The school bus is also seen parked in a nearby park and is also parked on a street.

The driver, identified as Brian L., told the Post that he had “absolutely nothing to do with it.”

He said the video was taken by his son and that he does not own a camera.

He said he did not know the driver who was caught.

“I think they were all on the school bus.

The bus is in my name.

My son has no involvement with the school or this whole thing.

He was not there,” he said.

The Post said the driver, who is married, has been arrested multiple times for the same offenses.