A traveler’s nightmare: Travel agent loses luggage at baggage claim

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A baggage claim manager at a New York City travel agency says she was shocked when she was asked to empty her bags and deliver them to a flight attendant.

Shannon Dann, who works at a travel agency called Travel Agent Group, said the employee told her she could take the bags but not bring them to the gate.

Dann, a native of New York, said she had to get the bags back and retrieve them.

“I had to be escorted out and put into a holding room,” she said.

“She said I could take these back and she said, ‘You can take this, but we have to be responsible with our bags.'”

Dann said the manager told her the baggage had to go through security and they would get it in the next business day.

Travel Agent Group did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The travel agency said the worker did not work at the agency, but she said she was never instructed to empty the bags.

“This is not the first time I have been in a situation where I have to deal with a baggage handler that has refused to give my bags to me,” Dann said.

Danni, who is originally from Mexico, said when she asked the worker what kind of baggage she was taking, the woman said, “We can take the bag that’s sitting on the plane.”

When Dann asked what kind, she said the woman told her to take it with her, and she was directed to the next aisle.

She said she also got the bags on a later flight.

Dani said the company’s CEO, Brian K. Johnson, was aware of the incident and offered to pay her $30 for her bags, but Dann says he didn’t do anything.

The Transportation Department said it is investigating the incident.