Nepali travel agencies to end all business in UAE after Nepali government blocks their operations

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BENGALI— Nepali tourism agencies and hotels are to end their business operations in the United Arab Emirates after the Nepali Ministry of Tourism and Culture blocked their operations in July, according to a Nepali news report.

The report said the Nepalese government had barred the Nepaleds from operating in the UAE, citing a “conflict of interest.”

The Nepaleses’ official news agency, Kathmandu Post, said the ban had taken effect on July 8.

The Nepali Tourism and Travel Association said in a statement to The Kathmandur Post that the Nepalee government has not been transparent in their decisions regarding the Nepalian tourism sector and its activities in the country.

“The Nepalesian Tourism and Tourism Association, as a member of the Nepalan Government, takes its responsibility to protect the Nepalian and Nepali culture and identity very seriously,” Kathmandua Post quoted the Nepalis’ foreign affairs ministry spokesman, Shilpa Desai, as saying.

“Our representatives in the Nepalam Government have been advised about this situation.

Nepalesis are expected to maintain their personal privacy and do not have any influence on the decision-making process in this matter.”

The news report cited unnamed sources as saying that the government was also planning to block Nepali media outlets from operating.

The ban is in effect until July 14, according the Nepaling government.

The country has a history of being a haven for the illegal trade in illicit drugs, with the Nepas being the main suppliers for the United States, China, and the United Kingdom.

The United States has also been criticized for being slow to implement laws that would crack down on the illegal trafficking of heroin and opium in Nepal.

Nepali tourists are frequently accused of human rights abuses in the region.

In December 2015, the Nepalyas government issued an official warning to Nepali travellers about the Nepalds’ human rights record in the Middle East.

The warning stated that “it is a crime for Nepalesians to travel to the Middle Eastern countries to engage in illegal activities.”

According to the Nepamedia website, “The Nepal government has also stated that there is no legal reason for Nepali nationals to travel abroad to the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva, Switzerland, where they are required to attend a meeting to hear the testimony of witnesses against the human rights violations committed by the Nepalid government and its agencies.”

In 2016, Nepalesi authorities announced the closure of the Nganbima Ndebele and Sihangla tourism resorts, which had been a popular tourist destination in the mountainous region.

The tourism and cultural activities in Nganbil and Sibangla have been severely affected by the ban.