Why the travel agency that was sued for not telling passengers about Hurricane Florence is being sued again

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A travel agency sued by the family of a tourist who died after her vehicle got stuck in a flooded road in Florida has settled with the family, the airline that flew her out of the state said.

The settlement with Christian Travel Agency on Wednesday ended a legal battle over whether the family could be reimbursed for expenses they incurred to get the car to the hospital.

A family member of the deceased woman said the agency, which was not named in the lawsuit, had promised the woman a trip to the Caribbean after her death.

But the company that owned the car said the woman had never requested a trip, according to a statement on the company’s website.

The agency said it was disappointed with the settlement and will continue to work with the woman’s family to ensure her loved ones receive a proper funeral and burial.

Christian Travel Agency, which is based in Jacksonville, Fla., had not returned requests for comment.