Why Croatia’s tourism is on the rise

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The country’s tourism industry is on its way to a billion-euro boost.

Croatia’s tourism department said Thursday it will increase its spending on tourism by 5 percent this year, from €11.8 billion to €12.4 billion.

It is expecting a 3.5 percent jump in spending in 2018.

Croats are in the midst of a tourism boom, but their appetite for foreign travel is less than that of their European neighbours.

In recent years, Croatia has been the top destination for tourists from Italy, France, Spain and Germany.

Croaters are keen to get back to the European Union and its economic prosperity.

They say it has given them a boost, especially after the collapse of communism.

But some say it could also be an opportunity to undermine its own national identity and national identity is a big part of the country’s economic and cultural development.