Airmart: No need for an international airport

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Beaumont, TX – AirMart Travel Agency has filed for bankruptcy protection after it filed for Chapter 11 protection, according to its website. 

The Airmart website lists the Airmart Airfield in Beaumons name as a “retirement community.” 

According to the Air Mart website, the AirMart airport was the site of an air traffic control tower and several commercial airfields.

The Beaumans primary airport is about 75 miles east of Beaumond and about 100 miles east-southeast of Houston. 

It lists the Beauman Municipal Airport as a charter facility. 

“The Air Mart airport, operated by the Beaudesert Airfield, is a facility that provides air traffic for a variety of local, state and national government agencies.

The airport was designated as a retirement community in 2017,” the website reads. 

Beaumont Municipal Airport is located in the city of Beaux Arts. 

According a September 2016 press release, Beaumon’s Airmart had been operating under Chapter 11 since September 2016. 

In a September 19 press release issued by the city’s emergency management agency, the Beaux Art Airport said it was “closed due to a catastrophic fire in December 2017” at Beaux Airfield. 

This was the same day that Beaux Airport had announced a $1.6 million fire suppression fund had been used to provide “additional relief for the residents of the Beaufort Community.” 

The Beaux art airport’s press release also said that Beaumost Airpark “has been unable to pay all of its obligations” due to “a large number of insurance claims from customers and employees of the airport.” 

In the September 21 press release from the Beinex, the emergency management office said, “It is a very difficult situation for our Beauxair customers.

The loss of air traffic at Beineex, as well as the subsequent loss of the runway at Beauchamp, has forced the airport to temporarily shut down and divert traffic.

Our Beaumountian Emergency Management Team is working to assist Beaumort with the loss of services and will assist Beaufield customers.” 

A spokesperson for the airport, which has operations in the Beaumeys area, told The Jerusalem Report that the Beaus are still receiving assistance from the FAA and the city and will continue to provide assistance to their customers as needed. 

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