How to spot travel agency fraud on the black market

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Travellers will find many of the most common fraudsters on the road are from the Asian region, where scams can be perpetrated in hotels, bars and restaurants.

But where is the scammer in Australia?

A review of the evidence reveals the real risk to travellers from this fraudster network.

The black-market traveller The black market traveller is the one who has no legitimate reason to stay in Australia.

He may be coming to Australia to visit family or friends, to seek a job, or simply to make a quick buck.

But he will often lie about his visa status, claiming he is a student, studying overseas, or studying a particular subject.

The scammer can be from China, Pakistan, Myanmar, Vietnam or Thailand.

Many of these travellers have already arrived in Australia and are not aware of their immigration status.

This leaves many of them vulnerable to being lured into a scam.

A scammer will usually go to a tourist hotel or restaurant and ask to use their room, while the traveller will say yes.

If the traveller has been to Thailand, the scam will start.

The traveller will often say they are studying in the country, but in fact the scam has already started.

When the scam is successful, the traveller may then get paid by the scam artist.

The most common scams involve: Using an Australian tourist visa to enter a country