When a travel agency’s website goes down

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Travel agency Deira has said that it has been hit with a major outage that has affected thousands of users, as well as its customer support staff.

The outage has affected the website of the company’s sister agency Morocco, according to a statement on its website.

Deira is a major travel agency based in Morocco.

Its website is offline, while its support team is unable to help users who have been affected.

The company is working to fix the problem and restore its website, according a statement from the agency.

Morocco is Morocco’s largest country and home to about 5.3 million people, and Deira is one of the country’s largest travel agencies.

In May, Morocca’s Prime Minister Rafik Boumeddiene signed an agreement with Travel Europe, the European Union’s travel agency.

The deal calls for Morocco to receive the full value of the contract.

Travel Europe is also currently running a major crisis with its website that has been experiencing slowdowns for weeks.

The agency said on its blog that a significant number of Moroccans had been affected by the outage, which has resulted in delayed online booking.

It also noted that some users had reported the outage as the result of the “delayed launch of the new version of our website” due to an update.

The new version was not available for download as of Tuesday afternoon.

The outage comes just weeks after the Moroccan government announced a sweeping overhaul of the way the country administers its tourism economy.

The government is now taking the tourism industry in a different direction.

The country has been expanding tourism, which includes all aspects of tourism including accommodation, food and entertainment.

The government has also made significant cuts to government spending, as the country has struggled to maintain a robust social safety net.