Aussie airline to sell the rights to ‘American Psycho’ movie for $250 million

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In a move that could mark a big shift in the way Australians watch their favourite films, Aussie travel agency TZell is to sell a film rights deal for the first time.TZell, which is part of a new group of companies that includes Jetstar, has agreed to sell all rights to American Psycho for $1 billion. 

The rights to the movie will be held by the Australian Film and Television Fund (AFTF), which is currently running a film adaptation of the graphic novel. 

TZel has already sold the rights for the American version to Disney and Warner Bros, but the deal is the first big deal the Aussie studio has done to launch its own film rights business.

The sale of the rights follows a similar deal the Australian airline Jetstar made last year to buy the rights of the American Psycho.

Jetstar had previously made a deal with the American film and TV production company, Universal, for all rights for a new movie based on the graphic novels.

Tzell is owned by American Airlines Group.

A spokesperson for Jetstar told ABC Radio Australia that it was not immediately clear if the deal was for the film or not.

T Zell’s chief executive officer David Leitch told The Sydney Morning Herald the deal represented an opportunity to “bring back some of the most popular Australian films to the Australian market”.

“This acquisition is the latest example of our growing focus on bringing the best Australian content to the world,” Mr Leitch said. 

“We’re excited about the potential for the AFIF to be the platform for these films and look forward to exploring our future partnership opportunities with more film studios.” 

The Australian Film Board of Review (AFBR) was set to hold a special screening of the film at the Sydney International Film Festival in July, with a screening of American Psycho at the AFRB World Cinema Film Festival.