How to find the best flight deal in Salem

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Salem, Oregon (CNN) If you want to fly to Oregon and get a discount on your next flight, you’re going to have to look elsewhere.

The state’s largest airline, Salem-based Frontier Airlines, said it would not be bringing flights from Portland to Salem for the foreseeable future.

Instead, it said it was canceling all of its upcoming business flights to the state because of the wildfires. 

The airline said it also was suspending all non-essential operations in the state.

It said it will not be flying to Oregon from Portland.

The company has a total of 1,200 employees in the Portland area, including 800 employees in Salem, according to Frontier.

In addition to the travel bans, the company said it is canceling a number of other business and customer service agreements and would be restructuring some positions.

The announcement came as Oregon Gov.

Kate Brown announced she had received a letter from the National Guard that warned of the potential for further catastrophic fires in the area.