Why is a banana travel agency banned from using the term ‘banana’

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Travel agency Altair has been banned from referring to the brand Banana Travel Agency as ‘bananabazooka’ because of the negative association it carries with the word ‘bananas’.

Key points:Banana travel company was criticised for its association with the phrase ‘banananabazooks’Altair Travel is a travel agency that helps people get to and from Sydney’s airportAltair travel firm received a letter of warning from the Australian Consumer Law Commission in AugustThe ban came after it was revealed it used the word “banana” to describe a travel company in its marketing materialsAltair said in a statement that the use of the word banana “is an integral part of our brand’s marketing”.

The company, which operates in Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom, said it would appeal the ban to the ACCC.

The ACCC said the use “would be offensive to some people and could cause offence”.

It said the word would “cause offence” to “people with eating disorders, people with mental health issues, or anyone who is sensitive to such references”.

“The word ‘Banana’ has a long and long history in the Australian market and it should not be associated with a brand that is at odds with the Australian community,” ACCC Acting Chair, Catherine King, said in the statement.

“While it is common for travellers to travel with a ‘banamax’, it is important to note that the word is not used to refer to the banana in this context, and therefore it is not appropriate for our advertising.”

The ACCc said it was aware of two cases in which “banamoxes” had been used to promote travel to Australia, and said there was “a need to ensure that travellers are aware of their rights”.

The agency, which is based in Sydney’s CBD, is not the first travel agency to be targeted by the ACCc.

In August, the Federal Court ordered the removal of a billboard advertising a “bananasaurus” brand on a Melbourne freeway.

The Australian Advertising Standards Board (AASB) has also issued guidelines about the use and advertising of “bananapuses” in Australia.

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